jeeez you were so cute today I tried not to tarnish your memory by thinking about somerhing besides you while taking a dump

when you get to that age that someone asks you what are you doing for your birthday and you’re just like

He is one of many.

He is one of many.

Three things you never ask a lady.

1.Her age

2.Her weight

3.Her wealth

The Argument Blog: I'm going to take the leap: Rape jokes are okay. →



Humor is in many ways a creation to analyze, criticize, and lighten issues within the culture of the time period. Comedians are able to teach, and to make you smile.

It seems these Blurred Lines (cross-promo!) when it comes to censorship are always brought up. Many individuals, mainly feminists,…

Yeah, I’d love to step in and argue! First of all, cut it out with you fucking feminist shit. It’s not “mainly feminists” who think rape shouldn’t be joked about. Newsflash: Men get raped too. The people who think it’s wrong to make fun of rape aren’t “mainly feminists”, they’re mainly intelligent and civilized individuals who realize the boundaries of what’s funny and what’s not. It’s not funny to “poke fun” at something that traumatizes and humiliates others. 

That’s like making cancer jokes. You know why people don’t make them? Because they can’t help what fucking happened. If you’re as insensitive and ignorant as to make a rape joke, go right ahead. But don’t be surprised when someone civilized and intelligent enough to realize what’s okay to be joked about and what’s not, comes up and punches you in your fucking face. 

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you can stare at me all you want,but if you dare take over our criticize me while i’m opening a can or doing anything like a novice, i’ll go crazy on your ass, because you are so much better than me in every way you piece of shit

in my mind i’ve been with tons of celebrities and we seperate because they dissapoint me god damn i’m such a taylor swift

the worst moment ever is when someone sees you in person and asks ” is this how you really look?” 


I was on 8tracks looking for new playlists and found thisimage


I really don’t know what I expected.

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the nicest compliment i’ve ever received


the nicest compliment i’ve ever received

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